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have one made for you and for the people you care about the most 


By combining an illustration, drawn in black and white, with a colorful collage, a special and personal piece of art – with a bit of humor - is created especially for you.

A unique creation with deep meaning that tells the story of the people we love the most.

A personal piece, 

A moving gift, full of meaning, for us or for the ones we love.

Receiving such a creation is an exciting experience – it’s a WOW moment.

Genuine art works and handmade, a one of a kind piece, not found elsewhere in the world.

I’m thankful for the privilege of connecting people through art

When I get an invitation to a personal piece, my heart immediately expands, making room for this person for his life story, for the people he loved and still, for events that shaped his life, for places, tastes, for the small and big loves - lots of space grow inside me to get to know him...
to feel him and reflect his world into the piece.
It's a gift with a lot of meaning, and it's a great privilege to be a part of a person's world for those moments ❣